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Fremont-Newark-Union City Short Sales
Buy a short sale--get lender approval

How to Buy a Short Sale
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Fremont-Newark-UnionCity is not exempt from home owners with negative equity. This is a good time to buy a short sale in Fremont for a lot less money than thought possible. You need to know that there are differences between short sales and reo, and you need to know what realistic expectations are when buying a short sale in Fremont-Newark-UnionCity.

Selling a home with negative equity can also be a good opportunity to start over. If you are in hardship, a short sale can get you out from under the house payment and be forgiven of the debt. If you allow a foreclosure or deed in lieu of foreclosure instead of a short sale, then you open the doors for having to pay back taxes and even allow garnished wages against you.

Please listen to the slide cast then call us with questions regarding your situation. We can help.

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