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Fremont Real Estate Agent Reviews
Listening to this small sample of real estate agent reviews lets home sellers feel even more confident in choosing Jeff Pereyda.
Sherry: "Sophisticated."
Gino: "followed up."
Chris: " showed integrity when others did not."
Dennis: "We interviewed other agents... ."
Angela: "...not in it for himself."
Paula: "...I recommend him to anyone."
Keniki: "...breaking all records..."
Linda: "I would recommend in a heart beat."
Maryanne: "Excellent Realtor"
Missy: "...tough market, but sold in 45 days."
Pei: ", high-tech agent."
Cliff: "Best quality!"

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Home Buyers: Get on our "buyers-in-waiting" list simply be searching for homes here and setting up your very own property manager account and receive homes for sale in Fremont-Newark-Union City and more sent directly to your email on a timely basis. These listing alerts are customized by you, so you know that they are a close match to what you already are looking for in a new Fremont-Newark-Union City home for sale.

  • How much home can you afford? Download the EZ Buyer Net Sheet (downloads our very own .xls file) and get crunching the numbers like a pro. There's even more to download FREE just for you here.


Home Sellers: We'll create a giant web campaign for you. Placing your house on over 40 different websites BY HAND. Here's a few of the sites we will advertise your home in. click here.

All eyes will be on your home for sale. Then, when we do an open house, we'll break out the colored flag streamers for maximum showmanship. We dress professionally, but most importantly, we pursue and follow up EVERY lead and document it for you on your very own transaction website that you have private access to.

  • FREE--We'll show your expected profit before you list with us.

    FREE--Our Broker Associate, Jeff Pereyda will do a walk through Comparative Market Analysis for you by hand.

    FREE--After the home is listed, multiple marketing reports will be sent to you on a regular basis.

    FREE--Your home will even be blogged about on 5 different blogs.

When Dianna Huff, award-winning writer for DH Communications is asked to comment on any company, the first thing she does is find out whether there are testimonials available.*

Studies have shown that Internet home buyers or home sellers that do this don't feel shortchanged and are much more likely to have control in their transactions.**

Deciding to make the move may have taken you years, so don't settle for just any agent. Take a few moments and listen to what real clients have to say about our service.

We have posted some letters too. See letters now.

contact us and let us create a testimony out of you.

* Evans, Blanche. "CAR's Internet Versus Traditional Buyer Study Shows New Trends." Deputy Chief Economist Robert Kleinhenz of the California Association of Realtors. 30 January. 2008 <>.