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Real Estate Agent-Jeff Pereyda
  Fremont-Newark-Union City real estate agent and real estate Broker Associate Jeff Pereyda


If your serious about selling or buying your next home in Fremont, Newark or Union City, Dublin, Pleasanton and Livermore and want real success, then hire Jeff Pereyda, a full-time, successful Fremont-Newark-UnionCity Dublin-Pleasanton-Livermore real real estate agent that can provide professional service every day. Jeff Pereyda lives and works in Livermore performing sales and service.

Jeff Pereyda maintains a Graduate, Realtor Institute designation and a Seniors Real Estate Specialist Designation.

Studies show that on average Fremont-Newark-Union City home owners take many months or years to decide on selling their home.*

But when the time comes to sell the home, owners may take only one day to choose their Fremont real estate agent. Stop. You may get stuck in contract with a lazy agent.

Once you sign that contract--your are stuck. The contract is irrevocable. The California Association of Realtors Listing Agreement page 1, line 3. reads ..."the exclusive and irrevocable right to sell or exchange the real property..."

  • Hire Jeff Pereyda and get an agent who is always thinking about selling your Fremont, Newark or Union City home.
  • Hire Jeff Pereyda as your real estate agent to sell your Fremont home and get peace of mind.
  • Take a glance at your web campaign you will be part of when it comes time to sell your Fremont, Newark and Union City home. Our list is growing!
What if you could interview 10 or so past clients of Jeff Pereyda's? You can. Instantly! Testimonials On Demand Now--No lazy agent here.

If you need to sell the house now contact us or call 510 742 3212, our Broker Associate will visit you directly at your property immediately.

Livermore home values, a Comparative Market Analysis "CMA" should be completed by an experienced Fremont real estate agent. If you are serious about selling the Fremont home, contact Jeff Pereyda, a local full-time Fremont-Newark-Unioncity real estate agent today to get this done. It's FREE. We will perform a Fremont, Union City, Newark property value report by hand as well as walk through your Fremont home in order to answer questions.

Once you know your true Fremont, Newark Union City home value backed by a CMA, you should get the estimate of profit. Download (FREE) an EZ Sellers Net Sheet --excel file 32k; When downloaded, fill in the value fields at the top. The rest of the sheet populates on its own. Completion time is 5 min. Afterwards, we will complete our Fremont-Newark-Unioncity home salability checklist together and reveal the most effective way to get your property SOLD. Don't like crunching numbers? No problem. We will do that for you and explain line for line what the numbers mean. Call or contact Jeff Pereyda today.

Discover what Fremont, Newark Union City home sold and where. Just click and fill it out. Our Broker Associate will generate a market snapshot and send it to you. It's FREE.
EZ Seller Net Sheet
downloads.xls file
"How much will I make from the Fremont-Newark-UnionCity home sale?" This link downloads the xls sheet our Broker Associate created. Fill in the blue fields on the excel sheet and the numbers will calculate automatically. You will now have your number one question answered, Easy to use, you will be crunching numbers like a pro.
Investors APOD Sheet
emails request for .xls file
An APOD is the standard format for calculating cash flow based on known facts on an investment property. This sheet is for the beginning and intermediate investor. Again, we will send it to you for free, but since we are not a licensed CPA, and the APOD simulates tax recovery, let us know you want it . Your request will come to the Broker Associate himself, and we will take it from there. No worries. We just attach a disclaimer saying we are not tax advisors.



*Evans, Blanch. "Timing Is Everything for Buyers and Sellers." TodaysConsumers. May 2005. <>.