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Fremont Probate and Trustee Sale Real Estate Agent Jeff Pereyda

Fremont real estate agent, Jeff Pereyda will help you directly with your trustee or probate sale in full compliance with the courts. Jeff Pereyda has many years experience in working with real estate attorneys when taking care of probate/trustee sales.

You should seek out a real estate attorney that specializes in handling these special sales of real estate in the Alameda County Superior Court or the Superior Court in which county the property resides.

You can search the Internet for estate attorneys, but it may be overwhelming. If you are faced with a Fremont trustee or probate sale where you or someone you know is the executor(trix), you can visit the Alameda County Bar Association: Estates and Trusts (ACBA). They have a dedicated group of local Fremont, Newark and Union City attorneys that specialize in trusts and estates They often meet on a regular basis in Oakland. Attorneys who attend these types of meetings are usually a good choice because they are spending their time learning the latest issues and attaining continuing education opportunities. If you visit their website, you can find an attorney there directly. You will also find information that leaves out jargon and legalese which makes it more helpful to you and I.

There is another group perhaps more specialized and in the Fremont, Newark and Union City area called the East Bay Trusts and Estates Lawyers or EBTEL. They too have forums, special events and continued education opportunities for their members to stay on top of the issues surrounding Fremont probate, trusts and estates.

When you retain an attorney and Jeff Pereyda to represent you with the real estate sale, you get peace of mind.

Need Probate/Trustee Sale Help?

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Call Jeff Pereyda direct if you are in need of selling real estate. 510 742 3212

Fremont, Newark and Union City probate sales and trustee sales have legal requirements that govern the sale of the real property, and the courts have safe guards in place that do not necessarily make selling a property in probate a good memorable experience. When it comes to selling these types of properties in Fremont, Newark or Union City, rest assured, they are very similar to a regular sale. There are still a few required disclosures to be filled out--even though the trustee may not have lived on the premises. Material facts must be vetted properly to avoid the mishandling of any portion of the transaction to help prevent lawsuits.